Our history

The birth

of the artisan workshop

Cellerini was born in the late ‘50s as an artisan workshop managed by Silvano and Anna Maria Cellerini; initially they were in a rented room, in Piazza del Mercato Nuovo , when they began to make themselves known doing restoration perfectly done, so much that the word of mouth about the standing out quality of the accomplished works, started to function and after a while they were already known by the most important Florentine aristocratic families.

“My father Silvano didn’t like my grandfather’s job: he owned a barber’s shop. That’s why he started working as an apprentice by a workshop when he was 17 (in 1947).”

– Alessandra Cellerini

The new workshop in Via del Sole

In 1960 they moved in a building at the first floor, in Via del Sole 9 (current location of the workshop); in 1967 they expanded the apartment where they set up a lovely sales room, so the clients would remain with pleasure, beside the purchases, also for lounging. In this location arrived the firsts foreign clients from all over the world.

From the 80s to the present day

In October of 1983 they opened the store in Via del Sole 37/r where started to work their daughter Alessandra, ad later on, also her boyfriend, today husband. The parents kept following the workshop; unfortunately in 1989 an awful grief struck the Cellerini family, with the premature loss of Miss Anna Maria. Nevertheless the company kept the production of quality items as it always did. In 2014 Mister Silvano passed away and the company kept the business going until 2018.

Cellerini today

The sales room in the historical building

Today the brand Cellerini carry on with new owners, who don’t belong to the family, that continue the business with the same maestry, attention to the details and the quality of materials in order to keep creating unique and handmade products, as in the Florence of 70 years ago.

The sales room is in the same building, at first floor in Via del Sole 9, next to the historical workshop. Going in you will discover a forgotten Florence, giving you an intimate and familiar welcome, dedicated to who today still desire and appreciate something different, unique and really Florentine.



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