Customize your bags, wallets or accessories

You can customize all our production by indicating these informations:

You can customize your bag by telling us any change you want to make, including the add of extra interior pockets.

Satisfy your desires

Begin to browse our online catalogue and request your customizations using the module that you can find in the details list of each product. Please ask any questions, we will contact you to advise and inform you on the possible realizations, cost and delivery times.

Customize your belt

To create a custom-made belt you need to communicate us your waistline size by following the drawing below.

Customizations 4

Calculate the MEASURING WAIST looking at the indicator inside the image.

Belt buckles

Our belts can be customized. Choose from our buckles the one you like the most and we’ll make your custom belt for you. Contact us and tell us your preferences.

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