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Cellerini produces handcrafted leather bags in Florence. Quality and tradition are stitched into every bag, wallet or belt Cellerini produce. On top of this many of our products are customizable, you can choose the right leather color for exterior and interior, to obtain a very personalized product.

Cellerini leatherbags, handcrafted leather products and more.

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The Cellerini shop is the perfect place to gather high quality souvenirs for your relatives, to bring them a part of the Florentine tradition and leatherworks. With an abundance of leather shos in Florence, is not easy to find out the best quality store, Cellerini is situated in Via del Sole 9, and you have to take a visit to the shop if you are travelling to Florence. Cellerini is not only bags for women and men, it has also a vast production of wallets, belts, and many other accessories (you have to checkout the pocket emptier or the cards holder). Tuscany’s artisan traditions are an irreplaceable element of the region’s character. Cellerini  offers a unique chance to contribute to the preservation of Tuscany’s craft traditions. The leathers used in our products are of the finest quality, the colors are vivid and eye catchy, to give value and warmth to all products.

The real made in Italy, handcrafted

From woman’s bags you can only dream about, to man’s wallets that bring style in your outfit, Cellerini has the right product for you, come and check our finest quality leather products, handcrafted following the tradition of the old leather workers. From 1960, Cellerini produce high quality leather products for its clients.

leather handbags Florence, where to buy?

The quality of our leather bags collections is known to be the highest you can find in Florence. Produced with tradition in mind the leather wallets, the woman’s bags or the accessories, are the perfect gift to bring home after being in Florence.