Cellerini handbags leather made in Florence


After having some time in Florence, you’ll probably want to take home something “Made in Florence“. This is the place to source quality handmade leather products in classic designs, Cellerini produce Leather bags, wallets, belts and much more since 1960.
The Cellerini’s shop, situated in Via del Sole 9, is the perfect place to start searching leather goods for your gifts, something you can bring home and be proud of, something you know is a quality design from Italy, a leather bag or a leather wallet that talks about your journey in Florence, a Souvenir from Italy, something to remember from Florence itself.

Quality leather bags

Cellerini produce handmade leather goods, most of the process is really handcrafted as it was years ago, to maintain the traditional leather works production with manual techniques teached by parents.
The quality of our leather bags collections is known to be the highest you can find in Florence. Produced with tradition in mind the leather wallets are the perfect gift to bring home after being in Florence. No matter what, you will have a real Florentine souvenir that will last forever. No matter if you need a leather bag, a wallet or some of our leather accessories, you will find the highest quality products made in Italy.
Why not having the Florentine style in your travels with a traveler bag? Our traveler collection is unforgettable, something others will envy for sure. the Traditional recognizable Italian style is perfectly stitched into these handcrafted leather traveler bags and accessories with love.

Real made in Italy

Cellerini is literally where to buy leather goods in Florence. In fact Florence has a lot of leather shops, most of the situated in the town center, but Cellerini is also a real handcrafted producer of its own leather works.
Born in 1960 the Cellerini shops is one of the highest quality producer of traditional Florentine leather goods, where you can buy bags, wallets and accessories that are talking about the real history of Florence itself.
Cellerini not only produce high quality leather goods, but you can customize them with a wide range of leathers, both from the exterior and the interior of your new unique leather bag.
All the customization are done by artisans, your bag your wallet, your belt will be truly yours, and will be unique among the others.